Can I Take My Ball Python Out in Public? (PRO Tips)

I’m sure I don’t have to explain why it’s not a great idea to take your snake out in public. But sometimes you can’t avoid it. Maybe you’re moving to a new house or you need to take your python to a vet. So, if you are in a scenario like this then you might be asking, can I take my ball python out in public? 

Taking proper precautions, you can take your ball python out for necessary reasons in a proper carrier. But, for the most part you should avoid this unless you can’t help it as it may cause stress for your ball python. However, you should never take a ball python out for fun or as a party trick. 

In this article, I am going to talk about this topic more vividly to help you understand if taking your ball python out in public is a good idea and if it is worth the hassle. I suggest you go through this entire article as here I am going to provide you with all the necessary steps that need to be taken before getting your snake out.

Can I Take My Ball Python Out in Public

Using A Carrier to Take Ball Python Out

Always use a carrier while taking your python out in public. For the carrier you use make sure it is plastic or fabric and not glass. Also, another thing to remember is that your snake will require ventilation, so make sure that the carrier possesses the required amount of air holes.

Now, if you take your python out in public, for a train or a bus ride, it is important to not carry anything in the carrier that is not fixed and can move besides your python. Because while traveling in a vehicle it is highly possible, you’ll have to face bumps, and this may cause that thing to move and injure your ball python.

It is also recommended to put your snake inside a pillowcase or a similar soft bag to keep your snake cozy, protected from the elements and calm. Also, if possible, get a carrier that’s small so that your snake may stay still and also that’s soft-sided to avoid injuries.

For a carrier I like to use this Amazon Basic dog carrier for my adult ball pythons. They are soft and spacious enough to not harm my python and are properly cushioned. It also comes in a variety of sizes. So, you have plenty of options based on the size of your snake. But, be sure to put your snake in a bag or a pillow case first.

Making Carrier Comfortable for Your Ball Python

As mentioned earlier, an escape-proof carrier is a right choice if you plan on taking your ball python out in public. Ball pythons are a very timid type of animal. They usually spend most of their time hiding. So, if you take them out in public, there’s a high possibility that they’ll stress out and will feel severely uncomfortable. And this will eventually affect their health.

Therefore, it is important to make their career as comfortable as possible before taking them out. There are a few things that you can do to make that happen. 

  • Using an escape proof carrier.
  • Make the carrier homely like his den.
  • Maintain the temperature in the carrier. If needed, warm it.
  • Put a blanket over the carrier.
  • Let your ball python spend some time in his carrier to familiarize himself.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you’ll be able to assure that the trip will not only get him some fresh air but also won’t affect your ball python badly. Also, make sure to take small trips to help him get used to the outside world before taking them out for a long time.

Keep an Eye for Health Related Issues

As mentioned earlier, ball pythons are not the kind of animal you need to take outside for air. In fact, taking them out may cause them stress, and other health-related issues. Therefore, it is very important to look for signs before and after the journey so that even if they show any kind of unhealthy behavior, it can be noticed and treated accordingly in time.

Let’s talk about the health-related symptoms that are common in this situation-

  • Observe if your snake is eating properly. Stressed snakes often go on hunger strikes.
  • Keep an eye on your ball python’s behavior. If there’s a change, this could mean he is sick. And if he has become aggressive then it’s for sure.
  • Observing your ball python’s shedding is important. If your snake is shedding erratically or slowly, this could mean he is facing health-related issues for excessive stress. In this case, observe the skin and if there are holes, contact a veterinarian.
  • Look out for any kind of discharges coming out of your ball python’s mouth, nose, or eyes.
  • Observe the skin of your snake. If it looks dull or has lesions or blisters.
  • Observe if your snake is moving as before. It is tricky because they spend most of their time in hiding, so observing movement can be hard.

If you see your ball python showing any of these symptoms, it means the travel has affected him quite badly and he is in need of medical attention as soon as possible. So, find a vet near you as fast as you can and take your snake there for treatment immediately. 

Taking Your Ball Python Out Without A Carrier

Do not take your ball python out for no good reason. It will cause them stress and affect their mental and physical health. Your ball python is not a show piece or a party trick to show off to your friends. But if you’re going to be insistent or have a valid reason for taking out your ball python without a carrier you need to consider some stuff so that you don’t hurt yourself or the python.

Using A Carrier to Take Ball Python Out

The first thing you’ll need to avoid is using a little leash for your ball python while being out in public. Because if you let him slither alongside you, there’s a possibility that he may get loose. Pythons are purely made of muscle and if they want to, they can rip the leash off easily.

Losing a ball python in a public place can have dangerous consequences as it not only will make your ball python panic and defensive but it will also freak out the people around him.

So, to avoid this kind of turn out, it is important to hold your ball python at all times while being in public. The best method is to place the python around your neck as it provides them stability and comfort while providing your proper control. You can also allow the python to coil up on your arm.


I hope I was able to answer your question “Can I take my ball python out in public?” As you have probably learned by now it is neither safe nor reasonable to take out a ball python out in public.

But when you really have to, make sure you use a proper container and follow the advice I’ve provided to ensure comfort and safety for your python.