Do Ball Pythons Like to Climb?

If you are a ball python owner then it is normal for you to wonder if they like to climb or not. Because the size and shape of your python terrarium and the accessories you need to have inside really depend on this fact. So, do ball pythons like to climb?

Simply put, Ball Pythons like climbing. They are curious by nature and will explore areas available to them. They will even like to climb frequently in captivity so pet owners should provide some sort of landscape for them to climb as that would help with their wellbeing.

I urge that you read this article all the way through to understand this topic better. I will try to explain the climbing habits of Ball Pythons as simply as possible. So, hopefully, you come out the other end with a better understanding.

Do Ball Pythons Like to Climb

Do They Like Climbing?

It is a common misconception that Ball Pythons cannot climb, or at least, do not like to do so. But that is actually very wrong. Ball Pythons are very curious creatures by nature. Although they like to hide during the day, if available to them they will explore their surrounding areas.

Ball Pythons are the smallest of the African Pythons. They are most often found in the grassy savannas in the wild. This environment lacks woodlands, and that has what made people believe that they don’t like climbing. But when ball pythons can be mostly found in woodlands, they are more often seen climbing on trees than slithering on the ground.

Ball Pythons are shy but curious creatures, they will explore the terrain available to them.  They are nocturnal creatures that thrive in warmth and humidity. They are very curious creatures and often like to climb trees in search of food.

It is very misinformed to believe that they cannot climb or they do not like to do so. They might not be the most avid climbers when it comes to snakes but they do like to climb.

Do They Climb When in Captivity?

If you were under the previously mentioned misunderstanding, then you might still be wondering if they do like to climb even when in captivity. Cause in the wild they do that to find food. They do not need to do that in captivity, so do you need to arrange anything for them to climb on?

For this question as well, the answer is a solid, yes. They will climb often when provided with suitable structures to climb on. In fact, climbing makes them happy and keeps them moving which provides a bit of physical exercise as well. And in captivity that’s something very important for them.

Your pet Ball Python would coil around your arm once they are comfortable with you. They will also climb up any tree or branch you put inside their tank for decoration. They might not always be climbing but it is an activity they nonetheless do.

Ball Pythons sometimes even climb up and out of open tanks to escape. So, it is a bad idea to think that they won’t climb and leave them in an open tank. You should provide a landscape suitable for climbing in a closed tank.

A Ball Python in captivity should be put in a well-decorated tank. If you put a snake in a near-empty tank with just a few hiding holes then the snake will not be in its best health. Environments affect the wellbeing of your pet snake to a large degree. And it is your duty as a pet owner to make sure that they are kept in an optimal environment.

A Ball Python’s tank needs to have a branch or something similar for them to climb around. The landscaping should also be friendly which goes without saying. If you provide them with a structure, they can climb on, you will begin to see that they are climbing quite often.

Your pet snake will have much better eating habits and live a fulfilling life when they are put in a good tank setup. A barren tank cannot ensure a fulfilling life. And a branch or something for the Ball Python to climb is necessary for a good tank setup.


The bottom line is that Ball Pythons can climb and in fact like to climb. They like to climb whether they are in the wild or in captivity. Their curious nature makes them explore. If you are someone who owns a Ball Python you must provide something inside the tank of your Ball Python for them to climb and explore.

I hope this article cleared up any misconceptions you might have had about Ball Pythons climbing habits and answered your question, “Do Ball Pythons like to climb?”. I hope this article has helped you understand a bit better about keeping Ball Pythons. Thank you for reading till the end, and I wish you good luck.